Our company was founded in 2003 by Budapest Consultans Kft., operating since 1990 on the Hungarian market. Its activity consists of partly tax, fiscal and accounting counselling to Hungarian subsidiaries of foreign companies and auditing, partly for major budgetary institutions.

This company can be regarded as domestic audit network both according to Hungarian and international prescriptions and, as such, it is the largest auditing organization consisting exclusively of Hungarian owners. Based on its consolidated revenues, this network is among the top10 audit companies. Goal of this company is to remain a considerable member of the Hungarian market able to perform large assignments with the help of its members of best reputation in their profession. The company is member of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors and has all the necessary qualifications (IFRS, state budget, PIT). Having an umbrella liability insurance, our company group compensates the caused damages up to 50 million HUF, a value far above the Hungarian average.

This company is member of the international audit association Leading Edge Alliance (LEA).

The owners of the company are as follows:

Budapest Consultans Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft.
Company seat: 1036 Budapest, Galagonya utca 5.
Contó&Controll Könyvvizsgáló, Könyvelő és Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft.
Company seat: 1026 Budapest, Sodrás utca 12.
Előkészítés Szervező és Ügynöki Kft.
Company seat: 1028 Budapest, Hunyadi J. u. 44.
Dr. Printz és Társa Nemzetközi Könyvvizsgáló Kft.
Company seat: 1181 Budapest, Barcsay u. 36.
ITL AUDIT HUNGARY Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft.
Company seat: 1056 Budapest, Váci utca 81. 4. em.
5AUDIT Könyvvizsgáló, Tanácsadó és Oktató Kft.
Company seat: 2111 Szada, Árpád u. 28.
FAL-CON AUDIT Könyvvizsgáló és Tanácsadó Kft.
Company seat: 1114 Budapest, Ulászló utca 27. fszt. 1.
KRISTÁLY-Audit Könyvvizsgáló Kft.
Company seat: 7100 Szekszárd, Tinódi utca 5.
SERES PÉTER Könyvvizsgáló Kft.
Company seat: 5600 Békéscsaba, Bajza utca 1.

The company has two managing directors: Wessely Vilmos and University Professor Dr. Lukács János, Chairman of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors.

Our network is functioning as an umbrella organization, uniquely in Hungary, where members fulfil the won specific assignments under leadership and with liability of the company as main contractor.