We offer complex services comprising the full range of tax counselling to both domestic and foreign legal entities and private persons in English, German and Italian languages.

As auditors and tax advisers, we know strengths and weaknesses of our clients. We have a general overview on cost management and profitability both of the specific company and in the relevant industry. We share this knowledge and experience with our clients within strategic counselling. Foreigners wishing to establish a sound and stable business in Hungary are aware of the invaluable advantage of the involvement of a local adviser with the necessary information concerning local regulations and market environment. The presence of such a professional means not only an advantage but also adds to your reputation during negotiations. Our staff with international relations is specialized in such advisory tasks. Through these services, both your investment risks and start-up time can be minimised. Our company has professionals with adequate qualifications in many large towns of Hungary, they participate in work as sub-contractors.

Within the network, our tasks aim at management of international taxation status of Hungarian small an medium-sized businesses, with special regard to better utilization of our potential advantage on the Hungarian market originating from our membership in an international organization. For our potential clients, this means direct access to more than 30,000 professionals familiar with special features of the local SME sector in about 800 offices of more than 100 countries all over the world from Austria through China to Australia. This may imply essential help and savings in time and costs for companies of the Hungarian SME sector as they can learn the most recent information and legal prescriptions even just without knowing the specific language and market. As a part of this job, just optimization of taxes to be paid in the individual countries can be attained.

The complex and ever-changing tax system requires significant financial and staff input to keep pace with these changes irrespective of the company size. Analysis of effects of such changes is even more difficult. Continual and provident counselling has got special importance in tax optimisation. In spite of our hope for simplification of the tax system, we are convinced that claimable allowances will still remain. Our professionals make proposals for utilizing these allowances. With the help of our international network, we guide our clients also in tax difficulties in connection with the EU membership.

We are ready to prepare the regulation on employment of transfer prices and develop the related records for affiliated companies.

In addition to the above, there are several transactions (mergers, de-mergers, transformation of companies, business acquisitions) when your tax burdens can be minimised by tax consultations at the right time.