Our experienced professionals support you in implementation and monitoring software products related to bookkeeping, auditing and tax counselling.

Information technology shall be organic part of strategy of progressive businesses, however, determination of the right level and pace of development may be often problematic. As another difficulty, change of an IT element may affect many other parts of the system, acting as “domino effect”.

Before implementation of a new software, its professional overview is recommended. We are experienced in auditing of integrated administration system both in SMEs and larger organizations.

Staff members of AUDIT NETWORK Hungary are aware of all impacts of information technology on companies of present days. Our wide-range expertise helps us to provide personalized solutions mirroring knowledge of industry-specific requirements and objectives.

Our experience comprises not only financial systems but also production management systems and specific software products. Within our profile, we can deliver almost all applications a company may need in organization and management of its activity.

We can lend a hand to auditors and accountants in enhancing the efficiency of their work by presenting and implementing software products supporting their jobs.