audit-orgOur 12 experienced auditors are able to audit financial statements of companies from all industries, budgetary institutions and financial organizations made both according to the provisions of the Hungarian Act on Accounting, IFRS and USGAAP.

Although audit limit has been essentially increased in the past years, security of the company owners and creditors is fundamentally enhanced if their financial statements are certified by an acknowledged auditor with excellent references. When a credit becomes necessary, a company balance sheet submitted to the bank with unqualified opinion of an internationally acknowledged audit company has its weight in credit assessment. Financial statements audited by our company are accepted by most foreign and domestic banks.

Subsidiaries of foreign company groups have to have their financial statements audited – irrespective of company size – with special regard to compliance with the international accounting prescriptions and making the preparatory balance sheets necessary for group consolidation.  We have considerable experience and excellent references in this field, too.

Our company examines the financial statements, certifies the conformity of accounting records and preparation of financial statements in compliance with statutory laws. We append the opinion prescribed by law to financial statements, among them also consolidated financial statements. As last step of our work, we prepare an analysing audit report, on request also in multiple languages. At present we have members with English, German and Italian language proficiency. We can audit financial statements based on IFRS and US GAAP, and we have also PCAOB registration.

Our company is qualified also for auditing financial organizations and budgetary institutions.

When companies are sold or merged, goodwill often should be assessed. We prepare the required financial calculations to support you in making the right decision and lend a hand in managing the transaction, too. Every year we perform several due diligence audits for our clients.

If a company is founded with in-kind capital contribution, confirmation of the value and negotiability of contribution in kind by auditor may become necessary. We are ready to support you in this job, too.

Applying for funding grants of the European Union requires solid knowledge due to the sophisticated rules and complex administration. About utilization of most subventions won, a financial report shall be made and certified by audit executed specifically for this purpose. Our company audits both EU and governmental subventions.

All of our members and sub-contractors use the quality criterion system prescribed by LEA and adjusted to the Hungarian environment by Budapest Consultans Kft., guaranteeing high-level services for clients. Our company deploys the most advanced IT tools in its audit methodologies and documentation occurs paper-free.